Spanish speaking jobs in The Netherlands

How to find Spanish speaking jobs in The Netherlands? There are many opportunities for people to work in The Netherlands. The Netherlands is home to many international companies and your Spanish language skills might work in your advantage as well! Here you can find jobboards and opportunities for Spanish speakers looking for work in The Netherlands:

Jobboards for Spanish speakers in The Netherlands

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Roles for Spanish speakers in The Netherlands

Customer service

One of the most common Spanish speaking jobs in The Netherlands might be the one of customer service agent. Many companies have an international customer service team. As a customer service agent you answer questions of customers and you solve their problems. This might be the right role for you if you enjoy speaking with people and providing support.

Customer Success

In customer success you deepen the relationships with customers. You make sure that customers are satisfied with the product or service the company offers. For example, you might be providing the onboarding of customers to a specific platform or you introduce customers to new product updates.


The export and import industry is very international. You can find jobs in this industry for Spanish speakers. Think about a trader or purchaser to work with Spanish speaking clients. As a trader you work closely with clients and suppliers and you negotiate prices and delivery terms.

Sales Development Representative

As a sales development representative you are the first point of contact with prospects of a company. You attract new potential customers or qualify leads that come in from marketing. A lot of time will be spend on the phone interacting with customers or making cold calls. Sales team are often very international teams covering different markets and speaking with customers from all over the world.

Account Manager

An account manager or account executive is responsible for the full sales cycle of a product. You give product demonstrations, negotiate offers and close deals. You drive sales activities in a specific market and you work with revenue targets. You can often find vacancies for Spanish speakers in this field.

Solution Architect

A solution architect or implementation consultant is a technical advisor to customers. You identify technical challenges that customers have and provide solutions. People in this field often have a background in Engineering and enjoy working with customers. You find jobs as a solution engineer at companies that sell software products.

Marketing specialist

There might be companies who need help marketing their products to Spanish speaking customers. For example a Dutch company that is looking to enter the Spanish or Latin American market. As a marketeer you can help with writing content in Spanish, the translation of documents and content or online marketing.


As a translator you deliver translations into Spanish. This can be articles, documents, video subtitles, product pages etc. You not only make sure the the writing is correct, but you also keep the company’s style in mind. This is a job that is easy to perform remotely as well.


Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Speaking Spanish brings many advantages and there are always people willing to learn a new language. You can have a look at international schools or set up our own Spanish classes with people. There are also online language platforms like Preply where you can offer your services.

Lastly, some practical things

Work permit

You don’t need a work permit if you’re an EU citizen. You do need a BSN number (burgerservicenummer) in The Netherlands. This is a citizen service number. You will receive a BSN when you register at the muncipality. You need this number when you’re interacting with the Dutch government; opening a bank account, getting employment, using the healthcare system etc. Everyone who is planning to stay more than 4 months in The Netherlands needs to register at the muncipality.

Health insurance

Health insurance or in Dutch ‘zorgverzekering’ is mandatory in The Netherlands. You can get a Dutch health insurance when you’re living and are registered in The Netherlands. A basic health care package starts from around 100 euro per month.

Bank Account

ING, ABN Amro and Rabobank are the three major banks in The Netherlands. You need a proof of ID, proof of address and a BSN to get a bank account. There are also online banks like Bunq and Revolut that provide good services.


Popular housing sites in The Netherlands are Pararius and Funda. You can also decide to work with a realestate agent for finding your house in The Netherlands. Housing can be expensive depending on the area where you’d like to live. A one bedroom appartment in the centre of Amsterdam is around 1,500 euro.

Wondering which international companies are hiring in The Netherlands? In this e-book you will find 250+ companies that are hiring non-Dutch speakers.

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Spanish speaking jobs in The Netherlands
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