International companies in The Netherlands

International companies in the netherlands

The Netherlands is home to many international companies, from established multinationals to newly found startups. A lot of companies have jobs for non-Dutch speakers and provide relocation packages. Most companies can be found in Amsterdam, but also cities like Rotterdam and Utrecht have many international companies. Have a look at which companies are hiring right now:


The Netherlands is home to many national and international banks. ING is an example of a Dutch bank, but also international banks like Deutsche Bank and Citibank have offices in The Netherlands. Ayden and Mollie are known fintech startups in The Netherlands. They received a lot of funding and are often on the lookout for new talent.


You might be familiar with the Dutch airline KLM. Did you know that booking platform is a Dutch company as well? The headquarters are in Amsterdam and it’s one of the most international companies in The Netherlands. The Netherlands is also home to many hotel chains like CitizenM.

Fashion and beauty

Many brands with their origin in the United States have their European Headquarters in The Netherlands. Think of companies like Nike and PVH (Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein). Both companies attract a lot of internationals to The Netherlands. One of the biggest Dutch e-commerce websites is Wehkamp. Their office is in Zwolle which is in the east of The Netherlands.

International companies in The Netherlands


Did you know there are more bikes than people in The Netherlands? No wonder The Netherlands is home to bike companies like VanMoof. Major logistic companies like Kuehne and Nagel also have an office in The Netherlands. Uber has a large office in Amsterdam and many international people are working there.


Philips and ASML are one of the biggest and most innovative companies in The Netherlands. ASML has its headquarters in the south of The Netherlands and employs more than 13,000 people from all over the world. Coolblue and are one of the biggest e-commerce websites in The Netherlands. They sell electronics, but also many other things.

Media and communication

Netflix has its EMEA Headquarters in Amsterdam with all business functions. Other American broadcasting and communication companies like Liberty Global and Cisco also have large offices in The Netherlands. Worth mentioning is the successful Dutch startup Messagebird, offering SMS and voice services.


Leading technology companies like IBM, Google and Microsoft have established themselves in The Netherlands. The digital infrastructure and fast and reliable connections make it an attractive place to have an office. There’s also many technology startups that choose to have an office in The Netherlands, such as Snowflake and Datadog.

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International companies in the netherlands

International companies in The Netherlands
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