Learn which companies hire non-Dutch speakers

And find your Job in The Netherlands


‘Its so hard finding a job in The Netherlands’ 

Biking along the canals, an expat friendly atmosphere and good work life balance; it’s easy falling in love with The Netherlands. 

You’re looking to make The Netherlands your home and started looking for well-paid job opportunities. Maybe you’re relocating with your partner and are starting to discover your new way of living and the job market. Or maybe you’ve studied in The Netherlands and are now looking for a Dutch employer that can also provide Visa sponsorship. 

But wait..this goes a bit different than expected. You’re receiving rejection after rejection and it feels like you’re wasting your time.

Recognizable? It’s time for you to get some insider help!  

  • You fear you won’t get a job in The Netherlands without a work permit 
  • You find it hard looking for a job in The Netherlands while still in your home country
  • You’re not sure if you can find work in The Netherlands without speaking the language 
  • You’re in doubt which companies you can work for in The Netherlands


  • 300 + international companies in The Netherlands 
  • 26 pages
  • Go directly to the careers pages with the clickable links
  • Downloadable PDF 
  • Last updated: February 2023. Including the latest startups in Cleantech, A.I. and Big Data
job in the netherlands

How would it be to feel more comfortable in your job search? Maybe excited even by what a new country has to offer. 

To feel confident knowing exactly which companies hire non-Dutch speakers in The Netherlands right now

  • You will learn the Dutch company landscape; from the latest startups to multinationals.
  • You will get an overview per industry of the companies that are hiring non-Dutch speakers. 
  • You will know which recruitment agencies and job boards you can go to
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Usually I don’t buy these books but after my friend recommended it to me, I got this one. And I’m GLAD I did. It helped me to know where to start and look for a job in my specific industry. Clear overview of opportunities. No blah blah, just straight to the point valuable advice. Can recommend to anyone looking for a job in the Netherlands
Cristina M.
Cristina M.
Sr. Recruiter
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This is your go to guide if you plan to move to the Netherlands or if you are already working here and you are looking for a comprehensive list of companies hiring in the Netherlands. Very valuable! I work as a recruiter myself and although I knew the market, it was very useful to have this guide at hand as I start looking for a new role. Every thorough job search starts with having a clear picture of the companies you want to work for as opposed to applying randomly. This guide will save you hours of research and I highly recommend it.

Why this e-book is unique: 

Written by a recruiter

I’ve been recruiting for international companies in The Netherlands for many years,. I know the struggles of people looking for work in The Netherlands. I know it can be hard to find the companies that can sponsor your Visa and can hire non-Dutch people. I hope to make your job search easier. I also know the ins- and outs of the Dutch market landscape. I learn about new companies that are hiring in The Netherlands daily and would love to share this with you.

The most companies in one overview

It’s easy finding lists online of 10, 20 or maybe 30 companies that are hiring in The Netherlands at the moment. This e-book, however, gives you a detailed list of 300+ companies that are hiring across different industries. It also provides you with a bit of context and little facts about the companies and The Netherlands in general.

Saving you a lot of time

You will find clickable links that directly take you to the careers pages of the companies. You already know that these companies can hire people that are not from The Netherlands. Saving you a lot of time along the way. You will get a downloadable PDF that is always accessible to you.

About Anouk..

job in the netherlands

Anouk helped hundreds of people find work in The Netherlands. After her MSc. in Social Psychology at the VU University she started working in recruitment.

She worked for different start-ups and multinationals in The Netherlands. Companies she worked for are Booking.com, Flexport, Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein, Miro and Framer. She helps people find new work on a daily basis. 

She also has a Dutch career website where she shares career advice. Her favorite city in The Netherlands is Amsterdam. 

Is this e-book for you? 

You’re living outside of The Netherlands and are looking for better career opportunities abroad 
You’ve always dreamed of living and working abroad and The Netherlands is on top of your list. This e-book kick-starts your job search in The Netherlands. 

You’re relocating to The Netherlands, because your spouse got a job here
You’re over the moon for your spouse, but wait..there’s also a lot that will change for you. This e-book helps you get to know The Netherlands by familiarizing yourself with the job market and working culture.

You’re in The Netherlands and looking to change jobs 
You’re already in The Netherlands, but looking to change careers. This e-book will give you new and exciting companies that you might not have heard of before.

You’re just graduated and looking for your first job in The Netherlands 
You’re fresh out of college and don’t know much about the international companies you can work for. Maybe you’re on a search year Visa, giving you one year to find an employer that takes over your Visa sponsorship. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! There are many international companies in The Netherlands. I’ve worked during my recruiting years with people from all over the world. More so than with Dutch people! You can expect the main language in these companies to be English. 

If you need a Visa to work in The Netherlands depends on your personal situation: 
– If you’re from the European Union or European Economic Area or from Switzerland you don’t need a work permit to work in The Netherlands 
– If you’re not from the European Union you need to get a Visa Sponsorship from your employer. In most cases this is the Highly Skilled Migrant Visa.  Luckily there’s many employers in The Netherlands that offer this Visa sponsorship.

It’s common for international companies in The Netherlands to provide relocation packages. A relocation package will help you settle down in a new country and will cover the expenses you make. Think about your costs for the flight, luggage and sometimes you get temporary accommodation as well. 

It completely depends on the company if they offer a relocation package and of which this consists of. You can check this with the recruiter of the company. 


Discover more than 300 international companies in The Netherlands that are hiring now. Kickstart your job search in The Netherlands and save time along the way! Written by a recruiter and frequently updated to include the latest startups and developments in the Dutch job market. 

E-book: International Companies in The Netherlands