Free Training: How to find a job in The Netherlands as a non-Dutch speaker?

  • Learn how to find a well-paid job without speaking Dutch
  • Get to know 9000+ companies that can sponsor your Visa
  • Find out about relocation packages and sign on bonuses
  • Find work without being physically in The Netherlands

The training takes 15 minutes 

I just finished listening to your video and have so much more hope now on finding work in the NL. I know it’s not impossible. You have such a nice way of putting things together and have great tactic in really inspiring a person!

This training is for: ​

  • People living outside of The Netherlands and looking for better career opportunities abroad 
  • People already relocating to The Netherlands 
  • People in The Netherlands that are looking for a new job 
  • People looking to land their dream job in The Netherlands
job in the netherlands

Hi! I’m Anouk

I’ve worked as a recruiter for many international companies in The Netherlands. I’ve been doing this since 2015 and have helped hundreds of people land their job in The Netherlands.

After my Masters in Social Psychology I’ve specialized in recruitment. I’ve worked for multinationals such as and PVH (Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein), but also for fast growing startups such as Flexport and Miro.

I know how hard it can be to find a job in The Netherlands. Especially if you don’t speak the language or know the job market. My aim is to make this process easier, faster, more fun and profitable for you!

Personal facts: My favorite city in The Netherlands is Amsterdam. I’ve lived in every district, except for The North! I love cycling along the canals and having my favorite drink: a coconut coffee. You can also find me working remote from the South of Spain for my portion of sunshine! 

Online Training

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– The 10 jobs that secure your Visa sponsorship
– International companies that hire non-Dutch speakers
– The best platforms to find these well-paid jobs