Startup Jobs

The number of jobs at startups is constantly increasing, according to research by Joblift. You can find the most startup jobs in Amsterdam, but also in cities like Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam. The Dutch government has heavenly invested to make the Dutch startup climate more attractive, which results in more jobs at startups. Internationally there’s also a lot of vacancies in the startup scene:

Dutch Tech Jobs – Find an internship or fulltime job at a startup

Techleap – Biggest startup jobboard in The Netherlands

Startup Jobs – AngelList – Startup roles around the world

Startup-vacatures  – Vacancies at different startups in The Netherlands

Startus – Opportunities in the worldwide startup community

Startupbootcamp – Vacancies at the startup accelerator itself, or at one of the startups that joined the program

Jobfluent – Software developer roles at startups accross the world

Tyba – Find a job at startups and scale-ups in The Netherlands and worldwide

The Next Web – Jobs at the startups that are working in the co-working space of The Next Web in Amsterdam

Is working at a startup something for you?

Working with a startup brings advantages and disadvantages. Venture Village has conducted research among 150 employees of startups. The research shows that low pay and the lack of structure are seen as the biggest drawbacks. An open and informal atmosphere, flexibility, freedom and responsibility were named as benefits. This is summarized in the infographic below:

startup vacatures
Startup Jobs
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