Remote Jobs in The Netherlands

remote jobs in the Netherlands

Are you looking for remote jobs in The Netherlands? You came to the right place! Wether you’re living in The Netherlands and are looking for companies that work fully remote or looking to relocate to The Netherlands and work for a remote company; I got you covered.

Remote jobs are jobs that you can perform from any location in the world, in this case The Netherlands. Remote jobs are also known as work from home jobs. Or the Dutch canals or Spanish beaches if you wish! 

The Problem with Finding Remote Companies

1. Companies claim to be remote, but are not in practise!

You see jobs advertised as remote..only to found out you have to be in the office twice a week! 

If you’re really looking for a remote company look for remote first or 100% remote.

It’s often companies that have been remote since the start that are the companies that have really embraced the remote working culture. 

Many companies that have been remote during the pandemic are now making employees go back to the office again. 

If a company mentions hybrid on the job description or careers page it means you have to be in the office! 

2. Companies can’t always hire in the European timezone

There are many interesting and fully remote companies, but they can’t always hire in Europe. 

For example the American company Dropbox has many fully remote job openings, but you must be based in Canada, the United States or Poland to be considered. 

This probably has to do with the different time zones the teams are in. Or they don’t have a local entity in other countries in Europe, such as The Netherlands. This makes it legally not possible to hire there. 

Below you can find different ways to find remote jobs in The Netherlands: 

Job Boards with remote jobs

Working Remotely for a Dutch Company

The following companies are founded in The Netherlands and offer a 100% remote working culture. This way you can work remotely for a Dutch company is on a mission to employing anyone anywhere compliantly. They have a diverse team that works asynchronously around the world. You can find the job openings here

TestGorilla built a screening platform for employers to hire the right people. TestGorilla is founded in Amsterdam, but they have a global team of people all working 100% remote. You can find the job openings here

Messagbird is a Dutch company that builds products that make it easier to communicate with a business, such as SMS services with customers. Messagebird embraces an all-remote experience. You can find the job openings here

Working remotely from The Netherlands

The following companies all hire for remote roles in the European timezone.

Often these companies are founded in Europe and have most of their employees working in an European country, such as The Netherlands.

These companies often work with an employer of record. This is a third party company that makes the local employment agreement. The company also makes sure everything is legal and compliant according to the local law.

An employer of record makes it possible to work remotely from the Netherlands for any company in the world. You are covered for all Dutch employee benefits. 

An employer of record makes it possible for a Spanish person to work in The Netherlands for a French company.

It makes it way easier and faster for an employer to hire in different countries and people from different nationalities.

How do I know this?

I worked myself for GitBook, a documentation platform, and a fully remote company. During my time at GitBook I hired people from all over Europe to join their remote team. I was working from Amsterdam and the South of Spain.

remote jobs in the Netherlands
Amsterdam based, but enjoying my work environment in the South of Spain

Looking for remote jobs in The Netherlands as well? You can start your search here:

Hotjar is and has always been a fully remote team. The people at Hotjar are free to live and work where they please, as long as the timezones work for their teams. You can find the openings here.

Toggl is founded in Estonia and has been a fully remote company since 2014. It has developed popular time tracking software. You can find job openings here.

GitHub is one of the largest developer platforms. It is also a fully remote company that can hire employees in The Netherlands. You can find the job openings here.

Automattic is the company behind WordPress and Woocommerce. It employs more than 500 remote professionals around the world. The company operates fully remote since the start. You can find the job openings here.

InVision develops an online whiteboard. It is a 100% remote-first organization since the start. You can find the job openings here.

Lokalise is a localization platform providing local experiences. It is a fully remote company, but you do need to reside and have work eligibility in The Netherlands or any of the other 20 specified countries. You can find the job openings here.


Deel makes it easier for companies to hire whoever they want, wherever they live. Of course they practice what they preach. The team of Deel is fully distributed around the world. You can find the job openings here.

Atlassian develops popular team collaboration software. If you’re eligible to work in The Netherlands you can perform the roles from any location in The Netherlands or some other EU countries. You can find the job openings here

Need help with finding remote jobs in The Netherlands?

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Remote Jobs in The Netherlands

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