Salaries in The Netherlands

salaries in the netherlands

Salaries in The Netherlands are high compared to most other countries in the world. In this guide you’ll find all you need to know about salaries in The Netherlands. And how you can land a high paid job as well:  

What’s the minimum salary in the Netherlands?

The minimum salary in The Netherlands is € 23,940 per year. This is € 1,995 per month.
This is for persons 21 and older as the minimum salary in the Netherlands actually varies based on your age: 

18 years: € 997.50 
19 years: € 1,197
20 years: € 1,596
21 years: € 1,995

What’s the average salary in the Netherlands?

The average salary in The Netherlands is € 34,260. This is € 2,855 per month.

What is a good salary in The Netherlands?

Of course this is really subjective, but I would say a good salary in The Netherlands starts from around € 60,000. This is € 5,000 per month.  

From this salary you can have a very comfortable life in The Netherlands.

What's the net salary in The Netherlands?

The figures mentioned above are all gross. In Dutch we call this bruto. Meaning before taxes. 

Your net salary is your income after taxes. Your netto salary in Dutch. 

If you earn less than € 73,031 a year your tax rate is 36.93%.
If you earn more than € 73,031 your tax rate is 49.50%. 

Salaries mentioned are often gross salaries. You can use a salary calculator to calculate your net salary.

How to get your highest salary in The Netherlands?

The Netherlands offers high salaries, but we also know the costs of living keep increasing. To life your best life in The Netherlands a good payslip is key! Here are some tips to help you along the way: 

1. Location 

Salaries in big cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam are higher than in smaller cities. The average salary in Amsterdam is € 52,000 compared to € 39,000 in Tilburg (city in the South of The Netherlands with 200,000 inhabitants). 

Of course the costs of living will be higher in Amsterdam as well compared to a smaller city. Another options is to look at remote jobs in The Netherlands. This way you’re not tied to an expensive city centre apartment.

2. Industry 

How much you earn in The Netherlands highly depends on the field you’re working in. Some of the most high demand industries are engineering, cybersecurity and sales.  

A company in the engineering industry that is known to pay well is ASML. This is a company in Eindhoven that has job openings in software engineering, mechanical architecture and quality engineering. You will get holiday allowance and a 13th month as well. 

3. Company 

You can get widely varied salaries for the same role depending on the company you work for. I have found that the following companies offer higher salaries: 
– Companies that are founded in the United States 
– Companies that just received funding 
– Companies in emerging and very specialized fields such as A.I. and cryptocurrency

Of course it depends on many other factors and I would advice to interview with multiple companies and compare the job offers you receive. 

4. Allowances and benefits

Your total compensation if more than your yearly gross salary. In The Netherlands some companies offer a holiday allowance; 8% of your yearly gross salary to be paid out in May. And a 13th month; an additional month of salary to be paid out at the end of the year. 

Other benefits can include a sign-on bonus, insurance and pension. 

5. Work with a career coach

Was this information helpful for you? Imagine the value you get from working with me directly! I’ll help you navigate the Dutch market landscape, land job offers and get your highest salary in The Netherlands. Here you can find more about my career coaching program.

Salaries in The Netherlands

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