The Career Accelerator

Land your career in The Netherlands as an expat at English speaking companies


The Career Accelerator

Tired of getting rejection after rejection? 

Land your career in The Netherlands as an expat at English speaking companies

Not sure what's going wrong in your job search?


‘It’s so hard finding a job in The Netherlands’ 

You’re not sure which companies can hire non-Dutch speakers. You don’t want to keep settling for low-grade jobs, just to get by. 

How do you find a company that can sponsor your Visa? A company where you don’t need to speak Dutch. 

You have relevant experience in your field, but why do you keep getting rejected at interviews? Or worse..not hearing anything at all. 

Why do companies keep hiring other people? How do you land the job offer? Even if your dream job requires different experience. 

How do you land job offers in The Netherlands? 

It is possible to land a job in The Netherlands as an English speaker

The Netherlands is home to many international companies. Of which most employees don’t speak Dutch! These companies hire international talent from abroad and can provide Visa sponsorship and relocation packages. 

There’s plenty of companies that offer an international and friendly environment. That matches your values, where you can grow in your career and of course..that pay you well. 

An environment where you can use your skills, make an impact and feel valued for the work you do. 

How would it be to land job offers and..

job in the netherlands

‘This session really opened my eyes’ 

Feel confident in your job search along the way. By having a clear job search strategy and and clarity on your career path. 

Understanding your strenghts and how to best present this to empoyers. 

Be able to live your best life in The Netherlands. With a high paid job that matches your values. 

Ready to get your best job in the Netherlands?
I’d like to introduce you to:

The Career Accelerator 

The fast track to your career in The Netherlands. We will work together 1:1 until you get your job offer in The Netherlands. 

In The Career Accelerator program I teach you how to stand out and land job offers in a competitive job market. You will know which companies to apply for and get dream job offers and salaries.  

This program is tailored specifically for expats who seek a career in The Netherlands. 

LinOperations Associate at Flexport
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Before this program, I always used my old mind-set (what I learnt in China) to face the Dutch job recruiter, which might still work at Chinese companies in the Netherlands, but mostly, it didn't help me to go through the interviews with local or international companies. Anouk's experiences and feedbacks are very useful for me, to think outside the box. She is such a professional and friendly coach. I found a new job in less than a month!
NerinneMsc. Communication Science. Now working at Amazon
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I am very satisfied with Anouk’s tremendous service! she has boosted my confidence to find my dream job!
SuryaMsc. Social Psychology
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Anouk’s feedback has been incredibly helpful in presenting myself to future employers in the best way possible. In an extensive video review, she ran through both my CV and Linkedin piece by piece and gave me tips and tricks from a recruiter’s perspective. Really insightful!

The Career Accelerator - Land your job in The Netherlands

job in the netherlands

The program includes: 

  • 1 kickoff 
  • Biweekly career coaching sessions
  • Personalized homework assignments and feedback
  • Unlimited Whatsapp or Telegram support and accountability

Investment: €1500
Payment plan available

After this program you will: 




Know how to present yourself to employers

Understand your unique value

Have a job offer in The Netherlands

..with an updated resume and LinkedIn

..making you feel confident

..with a good salary


Know how to present yourself to employers

..with an updated resume and LinkedIn


Understand your unique value

..making you feel confident


Have a job offer in The Netherlands

..with a good salary

The Career Accelerator

From rejection to job offer

Phase 1: Kick-off: Understanding your strenghts and ideal career

The goal of the kick-off is to understand your job search so far. What has been working and what hasn’t been working? How does your ideal company look like? What are your responsibilities? Next, we will discuss your work experience so far and uncover your skills. What do employers actually want to see on a resume? What makes you stand out? We will start building your resume based on your ideal companies and jobs. Yes, this all in 1,5 hours! At the end of this phase you will have an optimized resume and have started selecting companies to target. We will work in Trello to keep track of your job search. 

✅ Know why your job search so far didn’t get you the results you wanted 
✅ Uncover your unique strenghts and how to sell this to employers
✅ Why you need different resumes in your job search
✅ Receive resume templates and a list of international companies that are hiring to help you get started 
✅ Homework: Optimized resume and selecting jobs and target companies

Phase 2: Applications: Let’s get started! 

Here the fun starts! We will start applying together to your favorite companies. What do I mean with together? I will go over your resume, cover letter and portfolio before you will submit each application. Within one day you will have feedback from me. And not only that, we will look for creative ways how to connect with the responsible recruiter and hiring manager for the role. Is there a way we can get a referral? Do we know someone at the company?  

✅ Ongoing and fast feedback on your resume, cover letter and portfolio 
✅ Be supported during each job application 
✅ Make a lasting first impression and get on top of the resume pile 
✅ Start connecting with employers and hiring managers 

Phase 3: The Interviews: Turn Interviews into job offers  

Your first interviews are starting to come through. Don’t panick! We will together research the company and the people you’re speaking with. We’ll discuss the most common interview questions, but more important the questions you can expect for this role. We can practise your interview and you will get feedback on how to improve your interviewing skills. Yes, interviewing is a skill you can learn

✅ Feel well prepared for your interview 
✅ Get feedback and practical tips for your interview
✅ Know how to answer the most common interviews questions 
✅ Why you should always have questions prepared for the interviewer

Phase 4: Job Offer: Congratulations! 

This is what you’ve been working so hard for! You’ve landed your job offer in The Netherlands! But this is not where our journey stops. We will go over your job offer together. Are you happy with your job offer? How do you go into a negotiation? At the end of this phase you will have a job offer you’re fully satisfied with.   

✅ Know how a good job offer looks like 
✅ Learn about employment contracts and benefits 
✅ Why you should always negotiate 

Your personal job search journey

I want you to succeed in finding work in The Netherlands. This program is 100% tailormade for you. Need more guidance on what you’re actually looking for in your career? Or on how to change fields? Or maybe more practical tips and tricks on which keywords to use on your LinkedIn. We will work on finding you work in The Netherlands in the fastest and easiest way possible. 

What kind of support can I expect?

1:1 Coaching​

Biweekly coaching sessions. Check in on your job search and progress. 


Ongoing feedback on each job application. 

Unlimited support

Unlimited Whatsapp or Telegram support for any questions between the coaching sessions. 

Why This Program is Unique

Insider knowledge from a former recruiter 

I’m sharing how leading companies in The Netherlands hire people. So you can benefit! I’ve screened thousands of resumes and made just as much decisions on who gets interviewed and who doesn’t. I’ve hired for positions ranging from sales, logistics, software, marketing to merchandising; chances are I’ve hired for the roles you’d like to apply for. 

No one off coaching sessions, but real results 

We will work together until you land your next job. Maybe this will be in a few sessions, maybe it takes longer. The ongoing support and accountability with a clear goal is how you see the biggest changes. 

A loving mirror and support 

Most people keep doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results. Let’s translate this to your job search: you send out your resume, wait for a response and nothing happens. Sometimes you need a pattern interruption! I will guide and support you in the process from the job search to the salary negotiations and the signing of your offer. 

About Anouk

Hi! I’m Anouk

I’ve worked as a recruiter for many international companies in The Netherlands. I’ve been doing this since 2015 and have helped hundreds of people land their job in The Netherlands.

After my Masters in Social Psychology I’ve specialized in recruitment. I’ve worked for multinationals such as and PVH (Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein), but also for fast growing startups such as Flexport and Miro.

I know how hard it can be to find a job in The Netherlands. The aim of the Career Accelerator is to make this process easier, faster, more fun and profitable for you!

Personal facts: My favorite city in The Netherlands is Amsterdam. I’ve lived in every district, except for The North! I love cycling along the canals and having my favorite drink: a coconut coffee. You can also find me working remote from the South of Spain for my portion of sunshine! 

job in the netherlands

Companies I've hired for:

For who is this program?

This program is for you if:

– You live outside of The Netherlands and are looking for better career opportunities abroad
You’ve always dreamed of living and working abroad and The Netherlands is on top of your list. Get local knowledge and land your job offer with Visa sponsorship in The Netherlands.

You’re in The Netherlands and looking for a new job
You’re already in The Netherlands, but looking to change careers. Maybe you’re exploring a different field. Maybe you got laid off and you’re looking for your next opportunity. Learn how to present yourself to employers and save time in your job search. 

You’ve just graduated and looking for your first job in The Netherlands
You’re fresh out of college and don’t know much about the international companies you can work for. Maybe you’re on a search year Visa, giving you one year to find an employer that takes over your Visa sponsorship. The Career Accelerator helps you end-to-end in your job search.

You’re relocating to The Netherlands, because your spouse got a job here
You’re over the moon for your spouse, but wait..there’s also a lot that will change for you. This career accelerator helps you get to know The Netherlands by familiarizing yourself with the job market, working culture and landing a job offer yourself as well.

This program is not for you if:

You’re not sure about finding work in The Netherlands yet 
When working together you’re sure that your next step in your career is in The Netherlands. Any other countries in Europe can be discussed as well. 

– You’re not open to change the ways you’ve been doing things
You will get ongoing feedback and best practices how to make the job search easier for you.

– You’re not willing to put in the work 
This program is an investment in yourself and your career. I will share all my knowledge, but in the end it’s up to you to implement this and to go after the job you want. 

This is how it works:

1. Book your matching call today 

2. If it’s the right fit you’ll get a welcome e-mail and you can book your kick-off right away

3. Land your first job offers in The Netherlands! 

Don't forget the bonus!

resume templates

E-Book – International companies in The Netherlands

  • List of 300 + international companies in The Netherlands
  • Frequently updated to include the latest startups and developments in the Dutch job market
  • Go directly to the careers pages with the clickable links
  • Downloadable PDF

Your Resume Templates

  • Three Resume Templates 1 and 2 pages
  • Three matching Cover Letter templates
  • Resume and Cover Letter writing guide

What are the costs of staying where you are?

We often don’t consider the costs of not taking action. Of staying in the same place. Receiving rejections and not getting further in your job search actually costs you money. Together we make your job search faster and easier. Not only getting your first payslip faster, but we will also negotiate your job offer together which can help you gain thousands of euro’s. 

The Guarantee 

Unlimited Whatsapp or Telegram support until you get a job offer in The Netherlands! 

Do you have questions?

Yes! There are many international companies in The Netherlands. I’ve worked during my recruiting years with people from all over the world. More so than with Dutch people! You can expect the main language in these companies to be English. 

If you need a Visa to work in The Netherlands depends on your personal situation:
– If you’re from the European Union or European Economic Area or from Switzerland you don’t need a work permit to work in The Netherlands
– If you’re not from the European Union you need to get a Visa Sponsorship from your employer. In most cases this is the Highly Skilled Migrant Visa.  

Luckily there’s many employers in The Netherlands that offer this Visa sponsorship.

It’s common for international companies in The Netherlands to provide relocation packages. A relocation package will help you settle down in a new country and will cover the expenses you make. Think about your costs for the flight, luggage and sometimes you get temporary accommodation as well. It completely depends on the company if they offer a relocation package and of which this consists of. You can check this with the recruiter of the company. 

Yes! If you’re already in The Netherlands and are looking to change jobs in The Netherlands the Career Accelerator could be the perfect fit.

Yes. The interviews you have with companies will be online. There are also plenty of ways to connect with companies and people online. You will learn this in the Career Accelerator. 

The Career Accelerator consists of biweekly coaching sessions. This will keep you motivated in your job search, while also giving you enough time in between sessions to implement your findings. Depending on the stage of your job search journey we will discuss different topics. 

The coaching will take place through Google Meet. If you’re based in Amsterdam there is the option to do the sessions in person as well.

The homework assignments and other communication will be through Whatsapp.

Finding a job anywhere depends on many different factors. It doesn’t only depend on me, but also on the effort you put into it and the job market itself. What I can guarantee is unlimited support through Whatsapp and Telegram until you’ve found your job in The Netherlands. 

This program is tailored to The Netherlands, but you can apply the learnings to jobs in other countries as well. Personally I have experience hiring in Germany, The United Kingdom and Spain as well. Book a matching call to find out if this program is for you.

There is no refund policy, but we will keep working with you until you do find that job!

Want to know if the Career Accelerator is the right fit for you? 

Career Accelerator